Billboard: Justin Timberlake Gets in the Studio With His ‘Brothers’ *NSYNC for ‘Paradise’ Recording

Justin Timberlake is feeling nostalgic with *NSYNC.

Following the release of his sixth studio album, Everything I Thought It Was, on Friday (March 15), the star took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of “Paradise,” his collaboration with former boy band *NSYNC. In the video, the five-piece group are seen recording vocals on the unifying track, where the band comes together on the chorus to sing, “Everything is happening/ And it’s just what I imagined/ I imagine it would feel like paradise.”

“In the studio with my brothers. Thank you all for the PARADISE love,” he captioned the post. Watch the clip here.

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Billboard Podcasts: *NSYNC Reunion Is ‘Paradise’ for Hopeful Fans — But Will It Lead to Anything Else?

*NSYNC fans got what they’d been begging for last week, when the blockbuster boy band reunited at Justin Timberlake‘s one-night-only show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles to play snippets of four of their hits and perform their new song “Paradise” for the very first time. So now that we’ve seen the quintet back together — following their 2002 hiatus and their last performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs — what’s next?

On the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Katie & Keith are talking all about the pleasant surprise of the reunion and what it could possibly lead to, from the band getting back together on Timberlake’s upcoming tour, to more new music, to their own stadium trek. (We can dream!) Plus, Katie was inside The Wiltern when it all went down, and she takes you inside the intimate venue for the history-making concert.

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Billboard: ‘Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are *NSYNC’: Inside Justin Timberlake’s Historic One-Night-Only LA Concert

It finally happened.

Following all the rumors and cryptic memes last fall that led to an MTV VMAs appearance and a red-carpet group photo thanks to *NSYNC’s new song for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack, fans were left desperate for a live performance from the boy band. After all, it was a band that made its name with performative music videos, blockbuster stadium tours and iconic choreography, so when fans think “*NSYNC,” they think performance. Fans were clamoring for a full tour, sure, but they really would have settled for the band singing live together just one more time.

Well, on Wednesday night (March 13), we got that one more time. More than a decade after they last performed together at the 2013 Video Music Awards as part of Justin Timberlake’s VMA Vanguard Award medley, they once again hit JT’s stage, this time for a one-night-only concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles ahead of the Friday (March 15) release of his sixth solo album, Everything I Thought It Was.

It all started with a trip down memory lane, when DJ Andrew Hypes played a series of hit Timberlake features, including Timbaland’s “Give It to Me,” Jay-Z’s “Holy Grail” and 50 Cent’s “Ayo Technology.” Justin had included this segment in his other two pre-release shows as well, at his hometown concert at Memphis’ Orpheum Theatre on Jan. 19 and his show at New York’s Irving Plaza on Jan. 31. Hypes had also played a handful of *NSYNC songs at those concerts, but on Wednesday night, when he dropped the first *NSYNC song — “Gone” from 2000’s Celebrity — the curtains opened behind Timberlake to reveal his four bandmates singing harmony on the chorus.

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ET: Justin Timberlake Delivers Surprise *NSYNC Reunion, Performs New Song ‘Paradise’ and ‘Bye Bye Bye’

*NSYNC is back, back, back. The boy band reunited for a surprise set during Justin Timberlake‘s show on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, California.

During his One Night Only stop at The Wiltern, JT delighted the audience by bringing out his former bandmates Joey FatoneJC ChasezLance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick to perform the group’s new song, “Paradise,” which is featured on Timberlake’s forthcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was.

The group also delivered live renditions of their 2000 hits, “Bye Bye Bye” and “It’s Gonna Be Me.” 

Among those in the crowd were Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and, Travis Kelce sans Taylor Swift

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ET: Justin Timberlake Teases New Song ‘Paradise’ With *NSYNC: Listen!ET:

Justin Timberlake has been tearin’ up his fans’ hearts ever since he confirmed there was more *NSYNC music on the way. Now, we finally have a snippet of what’s to come.

On Wednesday, the 43-year-old singer shared a clip on Instagram of the band’s upcoming song, “Paradise,” off his forthcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was.

“‘Cause I waited, I’ve been waiting forever / Right here for this moment / Between you and I,” the group sings on the ballad. “Everything is happening and it’s just what I imagined / I imagined it would feel like paradise / You know I’d give anything to be the only one / Just look at us, we’re right here where we belong / And it was written ’cause the stars said I was yours.”

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Variety: Justin Timberlake Slyly Confirms NSYNC Will Appear on New Song ‘Paradise’ for His Upcoming Album

The NSYNC reunion continues… on Justin Timberlake‘s new album?

After teasing fans with the deluxe vinyl edition of “Everything I Thought It Was,” Timberlake’s new album set for release on March 15, the singer took to TikTok to confirm that one of the tracks features his former NSYNC bandmates.

“Blink twice if *NSYNC is on a song called ‘Paradise,’” wrote a fan in the comment section of Timberlake’s deluxe edition announcement video. On Wednesday, Timberlake responded to that comment with a candid video that showed him moving his sunglasses to reveal his eyes, intentionally blinking twice before flashing a sly smile.

Adding to the confirmation, NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick responded with eye emoji comments and Lance Bass responded with his own video. Members JC Chasez and Joey Fatone have yet to comment on the revelation.


Deadline Hollywood: Justin Timberlake’s New Album Will Feature *NSYNC On Song

The *NSYNC reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards wasn’t the last hurrah.

Justin Timberlake, 43 has teased a new song, Paradise, with JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone, which will appear on his upcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was.

Timberlake teased the project today when he responded to a fan’s TikTok comment that said, “Blink twice if *NSYNC is on a song called Paradise.” On Wednesday, Timberlake shared a response video that featured him pulling down a pair of sunglasses and blinking twice, before pulling them back up and smiling.

The comment was made on a video that showed Timberlake holding copies of the deluxe vinyl edition of his new album, which is set for release on March 15.

In the original video, he previewed the deluxe edition, which comes with postcards, receipts, a film strip, and an air freshener.

Timberlake previously hinted at new music from *NSYNC during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show in January. “We’ve been in the studio, so there may be a little something in the future, too,” he told Clarkson.

*NSYNC reunited on the song Better Place, which was released in September as part of the soundtrack of the film Trolls Band Together. “That was fun,” he said. “It’s kind of crazy, like, there’s so much that just picks up right where it left off as far as the chemistry.”


Audacy: Justin Timberlake invites *NSYNC fans to ‘Paradise’ on upcoming song with the boy band

Gearing up to drop his new album, Everything I Thought It Was, on March 15, Justin Timberlake is using his time (very wisely in our opinion) to pretty much confirm *NSYNC will make an appearance on the tracklist.

Here’s the series of events that led the Internet to freak out about a boy band reunion on the album.

Between JT taking to TikTok to show off the contents of the deluxe vinyls, and posting a video montage of the “MAKING OF THE EITIW VINYLS,” on IG, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the tracklist on the back of the sleeve, which seemed to show that the a track called “Paradise,” will feature Timberlake’s former boy band, *NSYNC.

After the internet did its thing, Timberlake took to TikTok once more to reply to a follower who commented “Blink twice if *NSYNC is on a song called Paradise.” For his response, JT remained silent, stared straight into our souls, dropped down his sunglasses and very deliberately blinked twice, confirming the news.

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BILLBOARD: Justin Timberlake Confirms *NSYNC Collab on Upcoming Album

Buckle up, *NSYNC fans! There’s more new music on the way.

It all started earlier this week when Justin Timberlake took to TikTok to show fans the vinyl packaging for his upcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was, which will arrive on March 15. While displaying the cinema-inspired cover art and all the goodies that come inside, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the track list on the back of the sleeve seemed to show that the track “Paradise” will feature Timberlake’s former boy band, *NSYNC.

Timberlake noticed the comments, and ended up responding to one in a coy follow-up video shared on Wednesday (Feb. 28). “Blink twice if *NSYNC is on a song called Paradise,” one fan commented with an eyes emoji. In response, the “Mirrors” singer dropped down his sunglasses and very deliberately blinked twice, confirming the news.To make it even more obvious, fellow *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick commented on the post with two more eyes emojis.

Timberlake had already hinted at more *NSYNC music last month, following the release of “Better Place” for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack in September. During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the star strongly hinted that he and bandmates JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Kirkpatrick are cooking up a follow-up to their comeback single. “That was fun,” he began, recalling how the guys reunited for “Better Place.” “It’s kind of crazy — there’s so much that picks up right where it left off as far as chemistry.” 

“We’ve been in the studio,” he continued in the clip. “So there may be a little something in the future.”