*NSYNC Reunion

Welcome *NSYNC fans! We are SO EXCITED here at *NSYNC Online to have a page dedicated to the *NSYNC REEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNION!

Here, we are working with the fan pages and street teams to help mobilize our support behind the band.

What’s going on?

*NSYNC teamed up to release “Better Place” for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack. The single was released on September 29th, 2023 on all streaming services. Additionally, *NSYNC appeared on the track “Paradise” off his upcoming album, Everything I Thought it Was.

Are they touring?

Maybe. Someday. Right now, we have one single and a feature track. Beyond that, we do not have definitive confirmation on anything, but Joey said at 90s Con in Tampa that any future *NSYNC tours, projects, etc is very dependent on how these singles do.

What can I do as a fan?

Glad you asked. The most paramount think is that we stream the new single, play the official TikTok/Instagram/Youtube clip sponsored by Sony/RCA. This will help give the label metrics that people are interested in the music. Make TikToks/Reels and use it. Stream the clip. After September 29th, stream the song. Purchase it on iTunes. We will be mobilizing a fan guide to streaming and supporting the guys to make the most impact.

Here are some guides from Retro *NSYNC and Mission *NSYNC for the best ways to help the guys right now.