*NSYNC Reunion

Welcome *NSYNC fans! We are SO EXCITED here at *NSYNC Online to have a page dedicated to the *NSYNC REEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNION!

Here, we are working with the fan pages and street teams to help mobilize our support behind the band.

What’s going on?

*NSYNC teamed up to release “Better Place” for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack. The single was released on September 29th, 2023 on all streaming services. Justin has also seemingly confirmed via TikTok that *NSYNC will appear on the track “Paradise” off his upcoming album, Everything I Thought it Was.

Are they touring?

Maybe. Someday. Right now, we have one single and a soon-to-be-released track. Beyond that, we do not have definitive confirmation on anything, but Joey said at 90s Con in Tampa that any future *NSYNC tours, projects, etc is very dependent on how these singles do.

What can I do as a fan?

Glad you asked. The most paramount think is that we stream the new single, play the official TikTok/Instagram/Youtube clip sponsored by Sony/RCA. This will help give the label metrics that people are interested in the music. Make TikToks/Reels and use it. Stream the clip. After September 29th, stream the song. Purchase it on iTunes. We will be mobilizing a fan guide to streaming and supporting the guys to make the most impact.

Here are some guides from Retro *NSYNC and Mission *NSYNC for the best ways to help the guys right now.