Celebrity Listening Party TONIGHT!

Tonight at 8PM EST / 5PM PST, *NSYNC’s label will be hosting a listening party for Celebrity’s 20th anniversary. As NO previously reported, this popped up mysteriously on their website last week!

With what little information we have, it appears that it will be a syncronized stream of Celebrity on Spotify. This will require a Spotify Premium account in order to engage with the “chat” feature that will pop up and the sync feature that allows everyone to listen to the album together.

*NSYNC fans, let’s show up and show our guys that we are always here to support them! (Who knows what this is a precursor to…?)

New Soundfly Course on Boybands

Hi *NSYNC fans! We wanted to share some cool new *NSYNC related content with all of you.

Soundfly, an online music education hub that creates unique and highly-effective online music courses in a variety of subjects has created one about our favorite subject — boybands. It is called The Music of Boybands. It explores this pseudo-genre of music from analytical and practical angles and empowers aspiring songwriters, producers, and ultimate fans alike, with some of the foundational tools for creating songs in this hodge podge of pop-oriented styles. The course includes heavy breakdowns of *NSYNC hits as well as songs by other artists throughout the era of boy bands, including Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, BTS, the Jonas Brothers, and more. The course is also a celebration of the hybrid experience of taking music seriously and embracing the overwhelming fun in it.

I will be taking this course next week and give you all my full review, but in the mean time I wanted to share the course trailer and some exclusive content!

Soundfly’s Trailer for The Music of Boy Bands.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts! I look forward to hearing if you take part in this awesome course.

Mission *NSYNC Radio

Have you been looking for another way to connect with fellow *NSYNC fans? Join Mission *NSYNC on Stationhead. Hosts Taryn (DJ T Money) Tati (DJ Tati Bee) and Christine (DJ CJ) spin the *NSYNC bops and chat about all things *NSYNC. Check the Mission *NSYNC socials for show schedules! Note: Stationhead App required to use the chat features, Apple Music or Spotify Premium needed to stream music along with the hosts, otherwise listeners can use a streaming app of their choice.

Welcome, *NSYNC fans!

Because you’re here to read more about these five guys, aren’t you?

Welcome, everyone! We are so excited to welcome you all to our site, *NSYNC Online. There are so many amazing Instagram accounts, Facebook groups, and Podcasts dedicated to our favorite five guys but we wanted to create an online site to help keep all of the news in one place. Think of us as your new *NSYNC Studio (shout out to Nicole wherever you are!) so be sure to bookmark us and send along any additional information or news you find! Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]!