Chris Kirkpatrick plans to ‘cry myself to sleep in the Diary Room’ on Celebrity Big Brother

The cast members of Celebrity Big Brother season 3 are presumably excited for their new adventure (which begins Feb. 3 on CBS), even if only for the paycheck that comes with it. But there are certain things about being locked away with strangers that they can’t exactly be looking forward to. Even the Big Brother fans in the cast know that it won’t be all unicorns and rainbows… unless, of course, there is a challenge where they have to dress up in unicorn unitards while collecting hidden rainbows for OTEV.

Boy-band legend Chris Kirkpatrick is an avid Big Brother watcher, and he senses loneliness through the front door. “I think I’m least looking forward to not seeing my family or having that connection with the outside world that I usually have,” the former NSYNC crooner tells EW. “It’s going to be difficult being cut off from everything and not even being able to hug my son every morning or kiss my wife every morning or things like that.”

However, Kirkpatrick has come up with the perfect solution, while also showing off his BB knowledge: “Hopefully I’ll deal with and just cry myself to sleep in the Diary Room.”