#NSA20 – Help Us Celebrate 20 Years of No Strings Attached!

Can you believe it? *NSYNC’s iconic album No Strings Attached turns TWENTY years old on March 21st, 2020. Two decades of greatness! To celebrate this occasion, MissionNSYNC and NSYNCOnline are teaming up. Throughout the month of March there will be events to commemorate the occasion.

One of these special tributes is a fan video, which we hope to fill with pictures, videos and fan stories. What does the album No Strings Attached mean to you? What is your favorite song(s)? What was your life like as a fan back in 2000? Did you go to an album release party? How did YOU celebrate?

The sky is the limit as to how you want to participate in this project. We ask that all submissions (videos, voice memos, pictures, stories) be sent to Christine at [email protected] or can be DMed to @chasezdaily on IG. Please include your name and location so we can give you credit for your tribute!

Stay tuned for more ways to participate in the #NSA20 project on Social Media! Be sure to tag @missionnsync in all your posts!